Installing from PyPi


While laspy 2.0 is in alpha / beta (pre release) don’t forget the --pre

# To install with lazrs only
pip install --pre laspy[lazrs]

# To install with laszip only
pip install --pre laspy[laszip]

# To install with both
pip install --pre laspy[lazrs,laszip]

More information on laz support below

Optional dependencies for LAZ support

laspy does not support LAZ (.laz) file by itself but can use one of several optional dependencies to support compressed LAZ files.

The 2 supported options are:

  1. lazrs [lazrs PyPi]

  2. laszip-python (bindings to laszip)

When encountering LAZ data, laspy will try to use one of the backend in the order described above. (Example: if lazrs is not installed or if it fails during, the process, laspy will try laszip)

lazrs is a Rust port of the laszip compression and decompression. Its main advantage is that it is able to compress/decompress using multiple threads which can greatly speed up things. However it does not supports points with waveforms.

laszip is the official and original LAZ implementation by Martin Isenburg. The advantage of the laszip backend is that its the official implementation, it supports points with waveform but does not offer multi-threaded compression/decompression.

Both the laszip bindings and lazrs are available on pip.

To install laspy with one of its supported backend use one of the following commands