The File class is the core laspy tool. It provides access to point records and dimensions via the laspy.base.reader and laspy.base.writer classes, and holds a reference to a laspy.header.HeaderManager instance to provide header reading and modifying capability. It is also iterable and sliceable.


In addition to grabbing whole point records, it is possible to obtain and set individual dimensions as well. The dimensions available to a particular file depend on the point format, a summary of which is available via the File.point_format.xml() method. Dimensions might be used as follows:

# Flip the X and Y Dimensions
>>> FileObject = file.File("./path_to_file", mode = "rw")
>>> X = FileObject.X
>>> Y = FileObject.Y
>>> FileObject.X = Y
>>> FileObject.Y = X
>>> FileObject.close()

# Print out a list of available point dimensions:
>>> for dim in FileObject.point_format:
>>>     print(
# Alternately, grab descriptive xml:
>>> FileObject.point_format.xml()

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